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Here’s what people have to say about Day Property Management!

“I hired Day Property Management in August of 2016 after trying to manage my property myself for three months. They stepped in and helped in a huge way. I was overwhelmed with managing the property myself. The tenants I had filled the property with were difficult to communicate with, dishonest and complained a lot. Day Property Management handled them in such a diplomatic way and brought order and structure to the situation. I went from constantly worrying about the property to having complete peace of mind after I made the decision to have them manage.
One thing that has stuck out to me, is the quality of customer service I get from them. This being my first rental property and my first experience with a management company, I had thought that my property would be low priority for them and I would not get the same attention as their larger clients. Quite the opposite. From our initial meeting, to follow up calls with the staff to planning larger maintenance jobs their staff has been so helpful and made me feel like they really care about the success of my property. I would highly recommend Day Property Management to anyone who is looking for a quality company to manage their properties. “
-Andrew G.

“I began purchasing rental real estate in late 2013. I quickly found out that I needed to hire a management company to take on a lot of the responsibilities associated with the tenant side of the business and in a timely manner that I was unable to do. This is when I searched the area for management companies and found Day Management in May of 2014. I have been using them ever since for my local properties. I would recommend them to any new or seasoned investor that is looking for a responsible property management team. “
-Brad V

“Almost two years ago, I decided to lesson my rental burden by hiring Day Property Management to help me fulfill my landlord needs in the management of two duplexes totally 4-units. It has been a decision I do not regret. After acting as landlord for a few years on my own, I did not realize the stress and time commitment that came with ‘managing’ tenants as opposed to units. I consider my units to be clean and up to date after doing complete renovations on my own, hoping to attract more qualified and clean tenants, but I soon realized that tenant management was a bigger role than I could handle. Now, I currently live in Milwaukee and rely on Day Property Management to keep my units filled and take care of the day to day problems that arise with most rental units. I am pleased to say that the relationship has been working well. Day Property Management has kept my units rented, collected rents and dealt with the maintenance issues that occur at the most inopportune times. I would not hesitate to hire Day Property Management in the future.”
-Jay G.

“I hired Day Property Management LLC in April 2014, and have never regretted the decision. They have taken all of the burden out of owning my rental properties, including taking over rent collection, tenant issues, emergency late night phone calls and when necessary, the evictions. Day Property Management has increased my revenues substantially by keeping my properties filled and taking care of all the day to day issues that come with managing your own properties. Things have only gotten better as the years went by, including their new transition into using state of the art rental management software and making communication easy for both myself and my tenants. I would strongly recommend this company to anyone looking for a property manager”
-Jeremy P

“My experience with Day Property Management goes back almost 8 years. They have been managing my condo in Appleton for this entire period while I have been away from the country on assignment. I have found them to be trustworthy, easy to deal with and very responsive to issues. Their new system of depositing money and the monthly update is excellent. I would recommend their services without any reservations.”
-Thomas V

“I’ve been a Day Property client for approximately 17 years. As a long distance landlord I
depend on Day Property to manage all aspects of my Appleton duplex. The Day Property team has been exemplary in managing my property. At no time have I felt that Mike, Jamie and Team weren’t completely dedicated to my tenants’ and my property needs including collections of rent, filling vacancies, maintenance, yard care and contacts with the City of Appleton. Any questions or concerns I have are addressed promptly. Day Properties also inspects the duplex to ensure tenants are taking care of their units and are respectful of the neighbors and neighborhood. In addition, their records management system provides me ready access to property information should I need any details or documentation. Day Properties prices are fair and provide good value for services rendered. I appreciate the professional service and prompt attention to my duplex. Even though I only have a single property – the Day Team makes me feel like I own the largest apartment complex in the Fox Valley. I strongly recommend Day Property Management.”
-Chris W